One thought on “Newsletter October 2018

  1. I need your expertise please. I lost the link to a youtube video of a Chinese(?) singing group. It doesn’t show in my history cache anymore either! =( I am not sure of the country or language (outside of the Asian influence). I don’t believe it was an Asian singing competition show, but I may be wrong. (Damn those are popular over there!) =)

    It consisted of a male (I think) lead and six or seven backup female singers. It was very elegant; almost operatic; and was over a hour in length. I know…a song over an hour in length…I couldn’t believe it either.

    The overall format was the lead would sing and then pass on the song/melody to a female who would sing her part then pass it back to the lead and so on. As I said it was almost operatic so I don’t think it was KPOP. Lol.

    The lead was dressed in a suit and the backup singers all wore very sophisticated single color dresses. It was done on a studio stage with some video screens but here again very elegant.

    I want to watch the video again and then their others if I am successful in tracking it down.


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