Newsletter November / December 2016

Dear Customer and friend of the Far Side,

Quite a lot of new releases out in November and December with more being added in the coming weeks. As usual, accompanying many of the new albums, are some great videos to watch and enthralling stuff to listen to.

Haruomi Hosono has a new DVD and Blu-ray of his concert in Chinatown Yokohama earlier this year (check out the videos on the web site) Akiko Yano has a new 3 CD best of and a limited edition 4 CD + DVD in A4 sized package. There are also quite a few Akiko Yano SHM-CD re-releases. Meanwhile, Metafive, featuring Yukihiro Takahashi among others, have a new mini-album released.


Music composed by Tomita for animation works by Osamu Tezuka is released as a 5 Blu-Spec CD2 set. And Tomita’s album of soundtracks is also out now.

There are three albums of traditional Japanese music worth investigating. The legend that is koto player Kimio Eto with a retrospective album including many unreleased tracks. Two of the best of the current musicians have new albums out, shakuhachi player Dozan Fujiwara with an album of Autumn tunes, while Tsugaru Shamisen player Hiromitsu Agatsuma has a new best of, with several great previously unreleased tracks.


From Okinawa, the classic album Bloodline by Shoukichi Kina gets remastered by Makoto Kubota and is issued on vinyl as well as CD. The new album by Takashi Hirayasu, who played on the Bloodline album, is now out. Mayuko Higa a singer with one of the reincarnations of Nenes has released her first album. While a mighty posthumous album of Afrobeat and Ainu is out by Keiichi Tanaka.


Latest in the wonderful series of vintage Indonesian music is of Latin sounds recorded in Indonesia mainly from the 1950s.

There are seven new Far Side Radio shows since the last newsletter, broadcast live on Wednesdays on Resonance 104.4fm from12 noon London time. Listen via Mixcloud or via the Far Side web site.

The shows are of North Korean music, New Releases, Asian Slide Guitars, Japanese Spiritual Sounds, Singing in English and guest Brian Foreman of Thrashing Doves, a reaction to the US Election and 10 Classic Asian albums.

Until next time!
All the best

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