Kanako Horiuchi + London Sanshinkai, Ivy House, London, Wednesday May 18th 2016 (Benefit Concert for Victims of Kumamoto Earthquake)

We are delighted to announce we are putting on a show by the wonderful female sanshin player and singer from Okinawa, Japan, Kanako Horiuchi. Guests will include the fantastic London based Swiss/Japanese musician who sings, plays sanshin and the violin, Mina Mermoud and members of the London Sanshinkai.

It’s at a brilliant venue in Nunhead, South London, called The Ivy House, and it’s happening on Wednesday May 18th.

Tickets cost £7.00 in advance via We Got Tickets or it will cost £8.00 on the door. Doors open at 8.00pm with the show starting at 8.30pm.

You can read an interview with Kanako here


The music of Okinawa, in the deep south of Japan, has an indefinable island quality. A bit like everywhere but totally unlike anywhere. Okinawan music has developed from a unique set of influences down the centuries, as local traditions have mingled with those of sea faring and trading nations. Music has evolved organically until the present day, and while Japan’s musical traditions have been largely forgotten or ‘preserved’ by societies, Okinawa is the country’s only surviving enclave with a thriving and living local music rooted in a tradition.

Kanako Horiuchi is one of the Ryukyu Island’s (of which Okinawa is the biggest) leading musical ambassadors, travelling the world, spreading the sounds of the islands and sometimes collaborating with local musicians. Originally from Hokkaido, in the north of Japan, she headed south to study under some of the greats of Okinawan music, learning the real tradition from the real masters. At the same time, she developed a creative and experimental edge, joining a ska band in Okinawa, while her latest album was recorded in Senegal, West Africa, with kora player Falaye Sakho.

Kanako became a fully qualified teacher of Ryukyu music in 2007, contributed to a tribute album for YMO legend, Haruomi Hosono, and had a documentary ‘Non-Fiction W’ , made about her by acclaimed filmmaker Yuji Nakae (Nabbie’s Love, Pineapple Tours).

This promises to be a very special evening, with new collaborations and sounds and old traditions.

For all lovers of Japanese and Okinawan music and culture and an interest in roots music from around the world.

This will be a benefit concert for the victims of the recent earthquake in Kumamoto and Aso, Japan.



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