Newsletter September 2015

Dear Customer and friend of the Far Side,

Here’s our monthly newsletter of new releases out in September and a few in October.

We’ll start off in Okinawa. Female quartet Unaigumi, (featuring 3/4 of the original Nenes) have recorded a single with Ryuichi Sakamoto of his track Undercoooled. Female singer and sanshin player Kanako Horiuchi has recorded a wonderful album with Senegalese kora player Falaye Sakho. Perhaps the best of the traditional musicians, Yasukatsu Oshima has a new album out and there’s even a new album out by Nenez, the new incarnation of the aforementioned female quartet.


Very different, and very good are two compilation albums by Little Masta of Okinawa/Ryukyu alternative music, one with Taiwanese counterparts, the other of Columbian cumbia music.


There are four new albums of Burmese music that are worth checking out; an album of Burmese slide guitar, piano, traditional ensemble music, and xylophone. From Malaysia is an album that mixes Indonesian kroncong with Malay traditions from singer Jamilah Abu Bakar.


There’s plenty of videos to watch and tracks to listen to from the new releases.

There would have been more new releases, but more computer / server crashes and spending interminable hours talking to someone somewhere from technical support on a dodgy telephone line rather put paid to our plans. Still, more new releases to come in the next few days and weeks.

Our problems however, pale into insignificance compared to our Japan office run by the always extremely kind and unflappable Naoyuki Iwami. The office is located within the caldera of the volcano, Mount Aso, in Kumamoto Prefecture. This morning, Japan time, Mount Aso erupted. Fortunately local residents haven’t been asked to evacuate, although it must be worrying.

Fortunately they missed the recent typhoon that struck prefectures north of Tokyo causing unbelievable floods, and the typhoon that did hit them the week before wasn’t quite bad enough to cause flooding, as it did two years ago. Fingers crossed for them.

Live editions of Far Side Radio start again this week, from 12 noon on Wednesday on Resonance 104.4fm, with the first programme featuring recent new releases. You’ll be able to listen later on Mixcloud (where you can follow us) or with links to the CDs on the Far Side web site

We have various new videos to upload our You Tube channel, as long as we don’t encounter any more IT problems!

To keep up to date with news, new releases, radio, videos and anything else, best way is to Like us on Facebook

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or we’ll be along with the next edition of this newsletter in about a month’s time.

Until then,

All the best

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