Newsletter July 2015

Dear Customer and friend of the Far Side,

Another month flies by and here’s some more new releases from the Far Side

Yellow Magic Orchestra have a new live album out, No Nukes 2012. The event featured Kraftwerk, and YMO performed a version of Radioactivity (Kraftwerk sung their version in Japanese). I think it’s the only time the two groups have been on the same bill although they didn’t actually play together. YMO’s Live in San Francisco 2011 is out on Blu-ray. There are nice videos to watch and tracks to listen to from these two releases.


Talking of good videos, its also worth watching the promo video for Yuji Hamaguchi’s new album, produced by Makoto Kubota and featuring Haruomi Hosono and Daichi Ito on drums. Also available on vinyl.


There are two albums by guests on Far Side Radio during July, Tomoro and Kenta Hayashi.


And two new excellent compilations of Japanese pre-war and war songs; one of Ondo (festival music) and another of military jazz.


From the Japanese roots and traditional scene are albums from the late, great, Harue Momoyama and 100 year old songs played on Okinawan tin can banjo by Taisuke Oka. While one of Japan’s most creative jazz/improv sax players, Kazutoki Umezu has at last made his acclaimed 2013 album with his brilliant Kiki Band generally available .


We’ve created a new section of 70s Indonesian psychedelic and rock albums.

and the 152 CDs of the monumental World Roots Music Library, from King Records, previously released under slightly differing incarnations, is now available at significantly lower prices.


There are three Far Side Radio programmes to listen to again on Mixcloud (where you can follow us) or with links to the CDs on the Far Side web site

All three programmes feature guests; from Japan, the taiko/fue duo Tomoro, guitarist Kenta Hayashi, and on the latest show, singer and musician from Tibet, Ngawang Lodup. All three played lived for us in the studio.

Far Side Music is involved in other areas of music and last month was particularly busy, including arranging the release of a new Bill Wyman album in Japan, selecting the music for various Japan and Asia related films, and working on a couple of compilations which should be released later this year.

To keep up to date with news, new releases, radio, videos and anything else, best way is to Like us on Facebook

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or we’ll be along with the next edition of this newsletter in about a month’s time.

Until then, hope there’s something of interest.

All the best

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