Well, it’s only about 10 years since  it was first suggested I should write a blog to go with www.farsidemusic.com. Yet it was only going to a conference last month organised by the company that makes the shopping cart software on our website (Sellerdeck) that I finally became convinced. I sat there through presentation after presentation about SEO, social media, and blogs (and a lot of other stuff too like responsive designs) and felt like I was the only one in the room who didn’t do any of these things. It was described how even say six or seven years ago, all you had to do was put in some meta tags and titles to your pages keep things relatively up to date and search engines would find you. Not anymore. You had to embrace all these things. Over lunch I met other web site owners who couldn’t believe I wasn’t blogging about a subject I’m obviously passionate and knowledgeable about. It’s much easier and more interesting to blog about Japanese and East Asian music I was told than the things sold by some of these other people such as spare nuts and bolts or plastic folders. It was difficult to disagree with them. So here I am. The idea at the moment is to write a few ‘think’ pieces (opinions are good it was said) a few in depth pieces about new releases, and post features and reviews that I’ve written for magazines and newspapers. That would be useful, as I lost lots of html pages on the web site recently when our server crashed, mostly of  interviews with different artists, so if I can find the original files I can post these. Maybe the radio show too. We’ll see. Quite looking forward to it..

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